As a team of two we light, direct, film and edit all of our videos, including recording and editing audio. We also produce all music for our work. 
  1. Practice Spaces: Otis Junior, Dr. Dundiff, & the Smoke Shop Kids
  2. KMAC Couture 2016
  3. River City Invitational Youth Poetry Slam
  4. Practice Spaces: Phourist and the Photons
  5. Dr. Dundiff, Otis Junior, & the Smoke Shop Kids at Gonzofest
  6. Lauren Eid - Performance at KMAC Poetry Slam
  7. KMAC Poetry Slam Winner DoMe
  8. Phourist & The Photons at Headliners
  9. Show Promotion
  10. Big Bat LiDAR Experience
  11. Projector
  12. Prelude 2016
  13. Concealer - Another Body
  14. Tree Disposal
  15. Bicycle Brothers
  16. Practice Spaces: In Lightning
  17. Tina Turner Tribute
  18. Stand with Refugees Benefit Night
  19. Dripping in Gold
  20. Kerns Wedding at Hubers